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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/130912
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Provided is a ceramic layered body 100 not susceptible to cracks or detachment between an external layer 1 and a middle layer 3 upon firing or upon cooling after firing. The layered body includes an external layer 1 comprising a first ceramic base material, a hollow portion 2 formed inward of the external layer 1, a middle layer 3 comprising a second ceramic base material and formed inward of the hollow portion 2, and a pair of connecting sections 4a, 4b, respectively joining the two main surfaces of the middle layer 3 to the external layer 1. The hollow portion 2 forms a gap 5 between the external layer 1 and the middle layer 2, excluding the connecting sections 4a, 4b. In a transparent view seen from the layering direction, the pair of connecting sections 4a, 4b overlap one another at least partially, and the surface area of each of the pair of connecting sections 4a, 4b is smaller than the surface area of the middle layer 3. The material composition of the first ceramic base material and the second ceramic base material are different from one another.

OKADA, Takayuki (10-1, Higashikotari 1-chome, Nagaokakyo-sh, Kyoto 55, 〒6178555, JP)
MATSUBARA, Daigo (10-1, Higashikotari 1-chome, Nagaokakyo-sh, Kyoto 55, 〒6178555, JP)
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July 04, 2019
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November 20, 2018
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MURATA MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. (10-1, Higashikotari 1-chome Nagaokakyo-sh, Kyoto 55, 〒6178555, JP)
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H05K3/46; H01F17/00
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KAWAMOTO, Takashi (Kawamoto Patent Office, 15-7 Goryo Minegado-cho 3-chome, Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto-sh, Kyoto 03, 〒6101103, JP)
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