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WIPO Patent Application WO/2016/125820
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Provided is a clamp device with which it is possible to clamp a flexible tube well at all times and to more accurately cut off the flow of a fluid inside the flexible tube. The present invention is a clamp device 1 provided with: one end section 2 having an engaged section 5 formed on a tip end thereof; another end section 3 having formed thereon an engaging section 6 that is capable of engaging with the engaged section 5; and insertion holes H1, H2 through which a flexible tube T can be inserted between a first protruding section 2a and a second projecting section 3a. The clamp device clamps the flexible tube T by proximity of the first projecting section 2a and the second protruding section 3a in a clamped state to cut off the flow of fluid at clamped site. Provided is the clamp device, wherein an interference section 7 is formed on the other end section 3, and when the one end section 2 is further pressed in a state in which the engaged section 5 is engaged by the engaging section 6, the interference section 7 is able to restrict the movement of the engaged section 5 by interfering with a prescribed site P1.

KATO, Ryo (498-1 Shizutani, Makinohara-sh, Shizuoka 96, 〒4210496, JP)
FUNAMURA, Shigeaki (498-1 Shizutani, Makinohara-sh, Shizuoka 96, 〒4210496, JP)
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August 11, 2016
Filing Date:
February 03, 2016
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NIKKISO COMPANY LIMITED (20-3, Ebisu 4-chome Shibuya-k, Tokyo 22, 〒1506022, JP)
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A61M39/28; A61M1/14; F16B2/10; F16B2/22
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See also references of EP 3254724A4
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KOSHIKAWA, Takao (19F, Hamamatsu Act Tower 111-2, Itayamachi, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu-sh, Shizuoka 91, 〒4308691, JP)
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