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WIPO Patent Application WO/2018/030429
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A device that classifies fine particles in a slurry, wherein few coarse particles are introduced, and a sharp particle size distribution and highly accurate classification are obtained. A device that comprises a rotor (15) including a classification chamber (17) between vanes (16) arranged in a radial manner and at constant intervals in the circumferential direction, and that performs classification such that the classification particle diameter is constant across the entire range from the outer circumference to the inner circumference of the classification chamber in the radial direction thereof, wherein the thickness t(d), in the circumferential direction, of the vanes (16) of the rotor increases towards the outer circumference, and the width of the classification chamber (17) increases towards the inner circumference.

INKYO Mitsugi (5-20, Yakeyama honjo 4-chome Kure-sh, Hiroshima 12, 〒7370912, JP)
SATO Makoto (Ooaza niizo Toda-sh, Saitama 21, 〒3350021, JP)
OGIHARA Masaaki (Ooaza niizo Toda-sh, Saitama 21, 〒3350021, JP)
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Publication Date:
February 15, 2018
Filing Date:
August 08, 2017
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INKYO Mitsugi (5-20, Yakeyama honjo 4-chome Kure-sh, Hiroshima 12, 〒7370912, JP)
SATAKE CHEMICAL EQUIPMENT MFG LTD. (66 Ooaza niizo, Toda-shi Saitama, 21, 〒3350021, JP)
International Classes:
B03B5/28; B07B7/08
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
SATO Koichi (3-12, Chuo 7-chome Kure-sh, Hiroshima 51, 〒7370051, JP)
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