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WIPO Patent Application WO/2018/040374
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A cloth laying machine for industrial production, comprising a metal rotary shaft having undergone a coating treatment. The coating treatment comprises the steps of (1) sequentially adding 1-2 parts by weight of a polyacrylate, 1.3 parts by weight of a polymeric alkylol amine, 2.2 parts by weight of γ-(methylacryloyloxy)propyl trimethoxysilane and 1.8 parts by weight of sodium α-olefin sulphonate to 46 parts by weight of deionized water, and uniformly stirring these materials; (2) further sequentially adding 13.1 parts by weight of vinyl acetate, 7.5 parts by weight of butyl acrylate, 0.8 parts by weight of sodium oleoyl methylamine ethanesulphonate and 1.2 parts by weight of 1-hydroxybenzotriazole, and continuing to stir these materials until sufficiently and uniformly mixed to prepare a coating treatment solution; and (3) placing the metal rotary shaft into the coating treatment solution to soak, and taking out and then drying same, so that the surface of the metal rotary shaft of the cloth laying machine is coated with a protective film.

QIAN, Xuejun (Xuejun Qian, No.8Wu Zhuang Cun,Guli Town,Changsh, Suzhou Jiangsu 0, 215500, CN)
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March 08, 2018
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December 15, 2016
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CHANGSHU NUO XIN DA MACHINERY EQUIPMENT CO., LTD (Xuejun Qian, No.8Wu Zhuang Cun,Guli Town,Changsh, Suzhou Jiangsu 0, 215500, CN)
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C23C22/05; B05D1/36; B32B27/32
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