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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/100477
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Provided are a composite board moulding method and a composite board. The method comprises the following steps: S11: processing multiple moulding slots (11) in at least one side surface of a base plate (10) in such a way that the moulding slots (11) run through one board surface of the base plate (10); S12: arranging the base plate (10), which is processed with the moulding slots (11), in a female mould (30) of a mould; S13: closing a male mould (40) and the female mould (30) such that the male mould (40) and the female mould (30) enclose an injection cavity (50); S14: injecting plastic (20) into the injection cavity (50), and filling the moulding slots (11) of the base plate (10) with the plastic (20); and S15: cooling the mould, so that the base plate (10) and the plastic (20) are combined into the composite board. The moulding slots (11) are filled with the plastic (20), such that binding capacity is improved, and it is not easy for cracks to appear at junctions of the plastic (20) and the moulding slots (11). Therefore, a process of repairing with an adhesive at the cracks is avoided; in addition, no cracks are produced at the junctions, so that the appearance of the formed composite board is of relatively high quality.

WU, Yunfeng (15F No.5899 XiYou Road, Hefei Economic & Technological Development AreaHeifei, Anhui 1, 230601, CN)
HUANG, Mengkai (7F. No.780, Bei’an Rd.Zhongshan Dist, Taipei City Taiwan 104, 104, CN)
ZHANG, Shuwei (15F No.5899 XiYou Road, Hefei Economic & Technological Development Are, Heifei Anhui 1, 230601, CN)
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May 31, 2019
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December 18, 2017
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HEFEI LCFC INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. (4184F, Haiheng Building No.6,Cuiwei Road,Hefei Economic & Technological Development Are, Hefei Anhui 1, 230601, CN)
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B29C45/14; F16S1/10; B29L7/00
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KINGSOUND & PARTNERS (11/F, Block BKingSound International Center,116 Zizhuyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing 7, 100097, CN)
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