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WIPO Patent Application WO/2017/186135
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Disclosed in the present invention are a compound and an application thereof for the treatment of cataracts. The structural formula of the compound is shown in formula I. The compound shown in formula I, a prodrug thereof, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof can be used for preventing, relieving, or reversing the accumulation of crystallin in cells; 90% of the protein component in crystallin cells is crystallin (CRY), comprising the three families of α-, β-, and γ-CRY, and mutation of the crystallin can trigger protein accumulation in the cell, leading to cataract disease; the present invention selected the α-CRY family mutants αA-Y118D and αB-R120G, the β-CRY family mutant βB2-V187E, and the γ-CRY family mutants γC-G129C and γD-W43R as research models of cataract disease to examine the effect of the compound of the present invention. Compared to existing small molecules (such as C29, Science, 350, 674), the small molecules of a novel structure provided in the present invention have better activity in inhibiting protein accumulation caused by intracellular crystallin mutation, improve absorption of the drugs by the body, and do not have toxic side-effects on normal crystallin cells.

RAO, Yu (Renhuan Building, Tsinghua UniversityHaidian District, Beijing 4, 100084, CN)
YAN, Yong-Bin (School of Life Sciences, Tsinghua UniversityHaidian District, Beijing 4, 100084, CN)
YANG, Xinglin (Renhuan Building, Tsinghua UniversityHaidian District, Beijing 4, 100084, CN)
CHEN, Xiang-Jun (School of Life Sciences, Tsinghua UniversityHaidian District, Beijing 4, 100084, CN)
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November 02, 2017
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April 27, 2017
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TSINGHUA UNIVERSITY (Patent Office Box Tsinghua University, 4 Extension Box 82, Beijing 100084, 100084, CN)
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C07J9/00; A61K31/575; A61K31/58; A61K31/585; A61P27/12; C07J17/00; C07J41/00; C07J71/00; C07J73/00
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JEEKAI & PARTNERS (Floor 15A, Building No.59 Guang'an Road, Fengtai District, Beijing 5, 100055, CN)
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