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WIPO Patent Application WO/2015/046757
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The present invention relates to a concentric forward/backward rotation cleaner comprising: a body having a push stick portion installed on one side thereof, a user grabbing the push stick portion; a driving means mounted on the body to rotate a driving shaft; a backward rotation means connected to the driving shaft of the driving means to rotate a rotation shaft in the opposite direction to the driving shaft; a first rotation body coupled to the driving shaft to rotate; and a second rotation body coupled to the rotation shaft to rotate, wherein one of the first and second rotation bodies is a hollow outer peripheral rotation body, and the other is a central rotation body that rotates inside the outer peripheral rotation body concentrically with the same. According to the present invention, which is configured as above, the rotation bodies, which simultaneously rotate in forward and backward directions concentrically, respectively, and cleaning members, which are attached to the rotation bodies, exert rotation forces that act in the opposite directions and thus counterbalance each other, thereby causing no concentrated distribution of forces, such that the cleaner can be moved easily and freely using a small amount of force. In addition, concentric arrangement of two cleaning members that rotate in the forward and backward directions, respectively, minimizes the size of the rotating mop, thereby providing a cleaner which has excellent accessibility to narrow places or corners and which does not generate cleaning stains.

YEO, Hui Ju (117-7, Yaksu 3-gilBuk-gu, Ulsan 683-808, 683-808, KR)
LEE, Sang Neung (117-7, Yaksu 3-gilBuk-gu, Ulsan 683-808, 683-808, KR)
LEE, Jinu (117-7, Yaksu 3-gilBuk-gu, Ulsan 683-808, 683-808, KR)
LEE, Seung Min (117-7, Yaksu 3-gilBuk-gu, Ulsan 683-808, 683-808, KR)
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April 02, 2015
Filing Date:
August 21, 2014
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YEO, Hui Ju (117-7, Yaksu 3-gilBuk-gu, Ulsan 683-808, 683-808, KR)
International Classes:
A47L11/10; A47L11/16; A47L11/283
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KIM, Su-Jin (17F, 430 Eonju-ro,Gangnam-gu, Seoul 135-080, 135-080, KR)
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