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WIPO Patent Application WO/2017/209337
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The present invention relates to a continuous supply-type automatic bed exchange apparatus for a 3D printer, and more specifically, the invention enhances printing productivity and efficiency of a 3D printer as a result of automatizing bed exchange, by printing a stereoscopic structure on the upper surface of a bed through the 3D printer, and automatically discharging the bed that has completed printing as a new bed is inserted. The present invention comprises: a bed frame (30) positioned on one side of the 3D printer (10) and to two side surface of which side plates (31) are coupled; a bed slider (40) positioned above the bed frame (30) and moved in the lengthwise direction of the bed frame (30); a front stopper (32) and a rear stopper (33), which form a bed gap (C) at the bottom end so as to allow the bed slider (40) to move, and which are coupled to the front and rear parts of the slide plates (31) of the bed frame (30) so as to correspond to the size of a bed (B) that is accommodated by being stacked on top of the bed frame (30); and a driving power generating portion (50) for fixing the bed slider (40) on a driving belt (51) which is installed on the bed frame (30) to be rotated along the lengthwise direction thereof, and for rotating the driving belt (51) using the driving power of a motor (M) to reciprocally move the bed slider (40) along the lengthwise direction on top of the bed frame (30). Also, the bed gap (C) at the front stopper (32) is larger than the thickness of the bed (B) so that bed (B) remains movable, and the bed slider (40) has a thickness that is smaller than the thickness of the bed (B) and is formed to have a pressing piece (41) at the front end thereof and in an extended manner so that the pressing piece (41) is exposed out of the front stopper (32) when moved forward. In addition, the 3D printer (10) has a heat bed (12) that is initially positioned lower than the upper surface of the bed frame (30) so that the bed (B), which has been discharged by being linked to the forward movement of the bed slider (40), is placed on the heat bed (12), wherein the heat bed (12) is raised or lowered along a printer frame (11) so as to be moved in the forward, backward, left, and right directions from on top of the printer frame (11), and wherein the heat bed (12) is lowered according to the operation of a float means (13) provided with a nozzle part so that the nozzle part on the float means (13) performs printing work on the bed (B) placed on top of the heat bed (12).

CHOI, Jongeon (3/805, 12 Nohae-ro 70-gil,Dobong-gu, Seoul, 01416, KR)
KANG, Minhyuck (3/111, 154 Yangnyeongsi-ro,Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, 02490, KR)
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December 07, 2017
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June 20, 2016
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OPENCREATORS CO.,LTD (4F66, Gyeongui-roUijeongbu-si, Gyeonggi-do, 11654, KR)
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B29C67/00; B33Y40/00; B33Y50/02
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RHU, Kee Hyun (6F537, Inha-roNamdong-gu, Incheon, 21575, KR)
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