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WIPO Patent Application WO/2016/180876
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The invention relates to a continuously operating press for producing wood-based boards or plastic sheets, in particular fibreboards or particle boards, comprising a press frame with multiple press frames having respective upper yokes (1) and lower yokes (2) and arranged one behind the other in the longitudinal direction of the press, said press frames surrounding heating plates (10, 16) running in the press longitudinal direction, and comprising flexible continuous steel belts (12, 13) which draw the material to be pressed (14) through the press and which are guided via drive pulleys and deflection rollers around the plurality of upper yokes (1) and lower yokes (2) and which are supported against the heating plates (10, 16) via co-rotating rolling support elements (11, 15) guided with the axes thereof transverse to the belt running direction (18), wherein the press nip lying between the steel belts (12, 13) is adjustable via a plurality of hydraulic cylinders (9) arranged transverse to the belt running direction (18) and respectively adjacent to one another between the upper yokes (1) and the upper heating plate (10), and wherein the lower heating plates (16) are supported against the pressure applied by the hydraulic cylinder (9) on the lower yoke (2). According to the invention, in order to be able to carry out a desired bevel function of the heating plates (10, 16) even under load, the press frames are each formed by upper yokes (1) and lower yokes (2) connected to one another by tie rods (3), wherein the lower yokes (2) are each formed by two parallel plates (21, 22) which are each arranged on both sides outside of the elements (23, 24) of the tie rods (3).

GRAF, Matthias (Maschinen- und AnlagenbauHeilbronner Straße 20, Eppingen, 75031, DE)
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November 17, 2016
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May 11, 2016
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DIEFFENBACHER GMBH MASCHINEN- UND ANLAGENBAU (Heilbronner Straße 20, Eppingen, 75031, DE)
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B30B5/06; B27N3/24; B30B15/04
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