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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/106977
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A control valve for a magnetic heat pump is provided having low heat loss due to friction heat. A control valve (10) provided to a magnetic heat pump that comprises: a permanent magnet (4) fixed to a rotating shaft (3); and a magnetic material (6) disposed along the circumferential direction on the outer circumferential side of the permanent magnet (4), the control valve (10) controlling the inflow and outflow of an operation fluid in relation to the magnetic material (6). The control valve comprises: a rotating body (11) fixed to the rotating shaft (3); a non-rotating body (12) disposed on the outer circumferential side of the rotating body (11); a plurality of spool valves (13) each having an inner-radial-side end face facing the outer-circumferential-side end face of the rotating body (11), the plurality of spool valves (13) being disposed in a radial fashion facing the shaft in the radial direction of the rotating body (11), and being limited by the non-rotating body (12) so as to be able to move forward and back in the axial direction; and a spring element (14) that urges the spool valves (13) toward the outer-circumferential-side end face, the control valve (10) having, as profiles in the circumferential direction of the outer-circumferential-side end face, at least two types of profiles with differing lengths of the radius from the rotation center of the rotating body (11).

TAKEDA Makoto (20 Kotobuki-ch, Isesaki-shi Gunma 02, 〒3728502, JP)
UNO Takaaki (20 Kotobuki-ch, Isesaki-shi Gunma 02, 〒3728502, JP)
BAE Sangchul (20 Kotobuki-ch, Isesaki-shi Gunma 02, 〒3728502, JP)
YAMAGUCHI Yusuke (20 Kotobuki-ch, Isesaki-shi Gunma 02, 〒3728502, JP)
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Publication Date:
June 06, 2019
Filing Date:
October 12, 2018
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SANDEN HOLDINGS CORPORATION (20 Kotobuki-cho, Isesaki-shi Gunma, 02, 〒3728502, JP)
International Classes:
F16K31/524; F16K3/24; F25B21/00
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