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WIPO Patent Application WO/2018/160916
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Embodiments of a conveyor system for separating cases of product are disclosed. An elongated, substantially horizontal frame extends from an entry point to an exit point and has a plurality of linear zones. A plurality of motivators is arranged along the frame, such that a case placed on one or more motivators will be moved forward toward the exit point by a coordinated movement of the motivators. A plurality of case sensors arranged along the frame detects the presence of one or more cases within each of the linear zones, and a controller activates the motivators such that a minimum time period elapses between cases delivered to the exit point. The system can include an AC/DC power supply configured to receive 110-120V alternating current power at 60Hz and to provide direct current power to the controller, the plurality of case sensors, and the plurality of individually-controllable motivators.

TAYLOR, Robert James (1735 South 41st Street, Rogers, AR, 72758, US)
BELLAR, Jason (10 Bosworth Circle, Bella Vista, AR, 72714, US)
CRECELIUS, John (3707 Tanglewood Drive, Springdale, AR, 72764, US)
PROPES, William M. (1206 SW Eventide Street, Bentonville, Arkansas, 72712, US)
ALEXANDER, Matthew David (6203 S 28th Street, Rogers, Arkansas, 72758, US)
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March 14, 2019
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March 02, 2018
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WALMART APOLLO, LLC (702 Southwest 8th Street, Bentonville, AR, 72716, US)
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B65G43/08; B07C5/02; B65G47/22; B65G47/34; B65G47/42; B65G47/52; G06Q10/08
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BIASCO, Tye et al. (4800 Ids Center, 80 South Eighth StreetMinneapolis, MN, 55402-2100, US)
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