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WIPO Patent Application WO/2017/166457
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A cooking appliance comprises an inner container (1), a metallic heating tube (2), a halogen heating tube (3), and a hot air fan. The inner container (1) comprises a cooking cavity (10) having an opening at one end. The side wall of the inner container (1) is provided with an air inlet (11), a first air outlet (12), and a second air outlet (13). The metallic heating tube (2) and the halogen heating tube (3) are both located at the outer side of the inner container (1). The hot air fan comprises a hot air motor (41) and hot air fan blades (42) connected to an output shaft of the hot air motor (41). Air in the cooking cavity (10) is sucked by the hot air fan into the metallic heating tube (2) through the air inlet (11). The air is heated by the metallic heating tube (2) and then flows back to the cooking cavity (10) by means of the first air outlet (12). Light waves emitted by the halogen heating tube (3) can enter the cooking cavity (10) by means of the second air outlet (13). The cooking appliance can achieve hot air convection and can evenly heat food, and has high heating efficiency.

JOO, Mo Dam (No.6 Yong An Road, Beijiao Shunde Distric, Foshan Guangdong 1, 528311, CN)
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October 05, 2017
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June 24, 2016
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GUANGDONG MIDEA KITCHEN APPLIANCES MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD. (No.6 Yong An Road, Beijiao Shunde Distric, Foshan Guangdong 1, 528311, CN)
MIDEA GROUP CO., LTD. (26-28/F, Zone B Headquarters Building of Midea, No.6 Midea Avenue, Beijiao Town, Shunde Distric, Foshan Guangdong 1, 528311, CN)
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A47J37/06; F24C7/04; F24C7/06
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YOULINK INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW FIRM (SHANG, ZhifengRoom 506, Tower A, Technology Fortune Center,No. 8 Xueqing Road, Haidian District, Beijing 2, 100192, CN)
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