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WIPO Patent Application WO/2018/206589
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A crankshaft and conrod assembly (100) comprising a crankshaft (110) and a conrod (150), wherein the crankshaft (110) comprises at least one main journal (111) and one crankpin journal (112), where the crankshaft (110) is provided with an oil supply structure for supplying the crankpin journal (112) with lubrication oil and the conrod (150) with an oil pressure, wherein the oil supply structure comprises:an oil supply conduit (113) provided between the main journal (111) and the crankpin journal (112), at least a first and a second oil supply opening (114, 115) provided at the crankpin journal (112), anda connection point (116) where the oil supply conduit (113) connects to the first and second oil supply opening (114, 115), and where the conrod (150) is arranged upon the crank pin journal (112) through a bearing sleeve (151), at which at least a first and a second oil groove (152, 153) are provided in a circumferential direction at an inner surface (156) of the bearing sleeve (151),and where the first oil supply opening (114) is provide at a first radial distance(D1) from a rotational axis (rx1) of the crankshaft (110) and where the second oil supply opening (115) is provided at a second radial distance(D2) from the rotational axis (rx1) and where both the first and the second radial distances (D1, D2) are larger than or equal to the distance (d1) between the connection point (116) and the rotational axis (rx1) of the crankshaft (110).

ODENMARCK, Christer (Björlanda Strand 21, Torslanda, 423 61, SE)
PETROV, Peter (Malörtsgatan 110, Angered, 424 61, SE)
STRÖMSTEDT, Fredrik (Backen, Hagalund, ÖRBY, 511 92, SE)
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November 15, 2018
Filing Date:
May 08, 2018
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VOLVO CAR CORPORATION (405 31 Göteborg, 405 31, SE)
International Classes:
F16C3/14; F16C7/06; F16C9/04; F16C7/04; F16C17/02; F16C33/10
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ZACCO SWEDEN AB (P.O. Box 5581, Valhallavägen 117N, Stockholm, 114 85, SE)
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