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WIPO Patent Application WO/2012/111268
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Provided is a cutting apparatus (1), which can prevent a sheet material (10) from moving and being damaged even if a fixed blade (43) receives a resistive force from the sheet material, and which can prevent the fixed blade from being damaged. A cutter unit (4) of a cutting apparatus is configured of a pair of carriages (5) that travel along rails in the longitudinal direction of a cutting table (2), and a cutter head (7), which travels along a rail provided on a beam member (6) between the carriages. The cutter head has a rotating blade (29) and a fixed blade that is pressed to the blade edge of the rotating blade. The fixed blade is held by means of a fixed blade holder (42), which is pivotally supported to the leading edge portion of a blade spring (40) such that the blade holder can swing, and the fixed blade is held at a cutting position by attracting the fixed blade holder using a permanent magnet (44). When the fixed blade receives an excessive resistive force from a fabric (10), the fixed blade inverts and retracts in the direction opposite to the drive direction of the cutter head.

NASU, Nobuo (5-1 Higashiteshirocho 2-chome, Fukuyama-shi Hiroshima, 62, 〒7210962, JP)
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August 23, 2012
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February 01, 2012
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NAMX COMPANY LIMITED (10-8, Yokoocho 2-chome Fukuyama-sh, Hiroshima 11, 〒7200011, JP)
有限会社ナムックス (〒11 広島県福山市横尾町2丁目10番8号 Hiroshima, 〒7200011, JP)
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B26D7/22; B26D5/00; D06H7/00
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MORIKAWA, Jun (Shin-Osaka Yachiyo Bldg. 10F, 1-45 Miyahara 4-chome, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-sh, Osaka 03, 〒5320003, JP)
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