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WIPO Patent Application WO/2017/168929
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The problem addressed by the present invention is to provide a cylinder having a simple structure, with which it is possible to prevent rotation of a rod. The present invention is provided with: a cylinder body 3; a cylinder main part 2 having a rod 4 provided so as to be retractable from the cylinder body 3; a moving member 11 connected to the rod 3, the moving member 11 being provided along a side surface of the cylinder body 2; and a guide member 10 provided on the side surface of the cylinder body 3, the guide member 10 guiding the movement of the moving member 11, the guide member 10 being provided with a movement limiting part 10a for limiting the movement of the moving member 11 in the circumferential direction of the cylinder body 3.

Masuda Yudai (Ko-34 Shinden-cho, Takamatsu-sh, Kagawa 85, 〒7610185, JP)
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Publication Date:
October 05, 2017
Filing Date:
January 11, 2017
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KABUSHIKIKAISYA TADANO (Ko-34, Shinden-cho Takamatsu-sh, Kagawa 85, 〒7610185, JP)
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F15B15/14; B66C23/74; B66C23/82; F15B15/28
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Kyowa Takashi (307-1, Tahishimomati Takamatsu-sh, Kagawa 75, 〒7618075, JP)
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