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WIPO Patent Application WO/2011/021631
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Provided is a damper position adjusting device wherein the adjustment range for a damping force is large, and the position of a damper can be easily adjusted. The damper position adjusting device is comprised of a damper base (38) for containing a plurality of dampers (32) which are arranged in parallel and which respectively have a cylinder (32b) that strokes with respect to a rod (21a), and a damper adjusting shaft (40) which is rotatably incorporated in the damper base (38) and which has a side wall which is in contact with ends of the dampers (32) in the stroke direction. The rotation of the damper adjusting shaft (40) causes the side wall of the damper adjusting shaft (40) to push at least one of the dampers (32) in the stroke direction of the rod (32a). Thus, the position of at least one of the dampers (32) is altered with respect to the damper base.

YAMAGUCHI, Koushi (1-8-11, Higashikanda, Chiyoda-k, Tokyo 33, 〒1018633, JP)
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Publication Date:
February 24, 2011
Filing Date:
August 18, 2010
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SUGATSUNE KOGYO CO., LTD. (1-8-11, Higashikanda Chiyoda-k, Tokyo 33, 〒1018633, JP)
スガツネ工業株式会社 (〒33 東京都千代田区東神田1丁目8番11号 Tokyo, 〒1018633, JP)
International Classes:
F16F9/54; E05F3/10; E05F5/02; F16F7/00
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SHIOJIMA, Toshiyuki (Floral Akihabara bldg. 7F, 2-12 Kandasakumacho, Chiyoda-k, Tokyo 25, 〒1010025, JP)
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