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WIPO Patent Application WO/2005/103129
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The invention relates to a method for thermally converting solid organic domestic and industrial wastes. The inventive dephlegmation stepwise method consists in carrying out a multistage wastes pyrolysis in an air-free reactor at a temperature equal to or less than 1000 °C, thereby producing a solid hydrocarbon residue and a multicomponent vapour-gas mixture, in cooling said vapour-gas mixture in a multi-circuit circulatory cooling system, in taking off a heavy fraction for repyrolyzing and in obtaining, in a final circuit, a liquid fraction having a specified molar mass and a gas. Said method also consists in stepwisely pyrolysing organic wastes by gradually reloading the solid residue from the first stage reactor retort at a temperature ranging from 150 to 180 °C into retorts for pyrolysis at greater temperatures, in transferring the vapour-gas mixture from the retorts to at least one dephlegmator, wherein a resin composition is removed from said mixture and is returned back to the retort for repyrolyzing, the vapour-gas mixture is transported from the dephlegmator to a fraction distributor for cooling, smoke gases are gradually transferred from the last retort case to the cases of preceding retorts and, afterwards are exhausted together with smoke gases produced during heating under the cases of all retorts. A highly efficient dephlegmator device which makes it possible to prevent a final product from overheating and reheating and to produce a high-quality liquid and gaseous fuel and a pyrographite is also disclosed.

Babiy, Viktor Petrovich (ul. Nikolaevskaya, 3-57 Nikolaev, 54034, UA)
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November 03, 2005
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July 23, 2004
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RESEARCH-AND-PRODUCTION COMPANI 'ECO-TECHNOLOGY-GROUP', LTD (ul. Generala Sviridova, 40 Nikolaev, 54034, UA)
Babiy, Viktor Petrovich (ul. Nikolaevskaya, 3-57 Nikolaev, 54034, UA)
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C07C1/00; C08J11/00; C10B47/06; C10B47/40; C10B53/00; C10B53/02; C10B57/02; C10G1/00; C10G9/02; F23G5/027; (IPC1-7): C08J11/00; C10B47/06; C10B47/40; C10B53/00; C10G9/02; F23G5/027
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Dovgiy, Viktor Petrovich (ul. Potemkinskaya, 41 The Nikolaev Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industr, Nikolaev ., 54030, UA)
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