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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/142855
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Provided is a differential device in which a case body of a differential case that is rotatable about a first axis is provided with operation windows. When viewed in a projected surface orthogonal to the first axis (X1), specific coupling portions (B1, B4, B5, B8) that are the closest to the operation windows H among coupling portions (B1 to B8) between a flange part (8f) of the differential case (8) and a ring gear (R) are positioned on the outside of an inner end portion (Hie) of the operation windows H in a direction along a third axis (X3) orthogonal to the first axis and a pinion axis (second axis X2), and the operation windows (H) are positioned on the outer side in the direction along the third axis than virtual straight lines (L1, L2) connecting the specific coupling portions (B1, B4, B5, B8) and the first axis. In this way, the rigidity strength of the differential case is increased such that, when the ring gear that is coupled with the flange part at the outer periphery of the case body and receives a thrust load due to meshing with a drive gear is subjected to the thrust load, gear falling can be suppressed effectively and stress concentration around the operation windows of the case body can be avoided effectively.

ODA Hirohisa (39-5, Aza Daizen, Ueta-cho, Toyohashi-sh, Aichi 60, 〒4418560, JP)
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July 25, 2019
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January 17, 2019
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MUSASHI SEIMITSU INDUSTRY CO., LTD. (39-5, Aza Daizen Ueta-cho, Toyohashi-sh, Aichi 60, 〒4418560, JP)
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F16H48/40; F16H48/08; F16H57/03
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OCHIAI & CO. (TO Building, 6-3 Taito 2-chome, Taito-k, Tokyo 16, 〒1100016, JP)
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