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WIPO Patent Application WO/2014/115801
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This α,α-difluoroacetaldehyde production method involves reacting α,α-difluoroacetic acid esters with hydrogen gas (H2) in the presence of a ruthenium catalyst. By adopting specific reaction conditions (in particular, a reaction medium and reaction temperature), it is possible to selectively obtain α,α-difluoroacetaldehyde, which is a partial reductant of hydrogenation, and this can be an alternative method to hydride reduction, which is difficult to implement industrially.

OOTSUKA, Takashi (LIMITED 17-5, Nakadai 2-chome, Kawagoe-sh, Saitama 59, 〒3501159, JP)
IMAMURA, Mari (LIMITED 17-5, Nakadai 2-chome, Kawagoe-sh, Saitama 59, 〒3501159, JP)
ISHII, Akihiro (LIMITED 17-5, Nakadai 2-chome, Kawagoe-sh, Saitama 59, 〒3501159, JP)
UEDA, Koji (LIMITED 17-5, Nakadai 2-chome, Kawagoe-sh, Saitama 59, 〒3501159, JP)
MIMURA, Shunsuke (LIMITED 17-5, Nakadai 2-chome, Kawagoe-sh, Saitama 59, 〒3501159, JP)
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July 31, 2014
Filing Date:
January 23, 2014
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CENTRAL GLASS COMPANY, LIMITED (5253, Oaza Okiube Ube-sh, Yamaguchi 01, 〒7550001, JP)
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C07C45/41; C07C47/14; C07B61/00
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KOBAYASHI, Hiromichi et al. (Ekisaikai Bldg. 1-29, Akashi-cho, Chuo-k, Tokyo 44, 〒1040044, JP)
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