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WIPO Patent Application WO/2018/121465
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Diphosphino metallic complexes, methods of making and using are described. The complexes display cytotoxicity against a panel of cancer cell lines, and optionally display luminescent properties. They have improved solubility and are stable against hydrolysis in physiologically reducing conditions. In some aspects, the complexes are iridium (III) diphosphine complexes. The compounds and pharmaceutical compositions thereof can be administered to a subject in need thereof to treat a host of diseases and disorders including but not limited to, proliferative disorders such as cancer.

CHE, Chi-Ming (Flat 5, 5th Floor Block A,Parkway Court, 4 Park Roa, Hong Kong Hong Kong, Kong, CN)
FAISAL, Mehmood (Flat 722, Block 3Yat King House, Lai King Estat, Hong Kong Hong Kong, Kong, CN)
LOK, Chun Nam (Flat A, 17th Floor1-6, Ying Wah Terrac, Hong Kong Hong Kong, Kong, CN)
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July 05, 2018
Filing Date:
December 25, 2017
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THE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG (Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Kong, CN)
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C07F15/00; A61K31/28; A61K31/295; A61P35/00; C07F11/00; C07F13/00
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PANAWELL & PARTNERS, LLC (1002-1005, China Life Tower16 Chao Yang Men Wai Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing 0, 100020, CN)
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