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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/159603
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The present invention is a double-sided polishing method for a wafer, for holding the wafer in a work piece holding hole formed in a carrier in a double-sided polishing device, sandwiching the wafer between an upper surface plate and a lower surface plate to each of which a polishing pad is affixed, and performing double-sided polishing while supplying a slurry to a polishing surface by a pressure-feeding system from supply holes provided in the upper surface plate, wherein polishing is performed while performing control so that the ratio of the absolute value of the difference of the average value of the flow rate of the slurry supplied from supply holes on a radius at one end of an arbitrary straight line on the upper surface plate and the average value of the flow rate of the slurry supplied from the supply holes on a radius at the other end of the arbitrary straight line with respect to the average value xave of the flow rate of the slurry supplied from all the supply holes is 25% or less. A double-sided polishing method for a wafer is thereby provided which is intended to suppress variation in the global shape (GBIR) of the wafer in a double-sided polishing device in which slurry is supplied by a force-feeding system, and in which variation in GBIR can be reduced under a force-feeding system.

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August 22, 2019
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January 21, 2019
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SHINETSU HANDOTAI KK (Postcode1000004, JP)
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B24B37/00; B24B57/02; H01L21/304
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YOSHIMIYA Mikio et al. (Postcode1100005, JP)
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