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WIPO Patent Application WO/2016/082083
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A double turn-key rigid clutch, comprising a middle sleeve (29), an inner sleeve (28), a main turn-key (13) for transmitting torque, an auxiliary turn-key (10) for preventing a sliding block (3) from advancing excessively and a crankshaft (11) from being able to reverse rotate, and a spring; the inner sleeve (28) is connected to the crankshaft (11) by means of a crankshaft parallel key (12); the middle sleeve (29) is sleeved over the inner sleeve (28), having a clearance fit; the middle sleeve (29) is radially fixed to a large gear (7) by means of a large parallel key (33); the clutch is controlled by an electromagnet (5), a pull rod (6), and a manipulator (32); one end of a main shaft of a press is provided with a brake (15), and the other end of the main shaft is provided with the large gear (7) and the clutch; an eccentric shaft is integrally connected with the main shaft by means of a crank arm; one end of a connecting rod (14) is hinged to the eccentric shaft, and the other end of the connecting rod (7) is connected to the sliding block (3) by means of a ball-head screw (31). Using the double turn-key structure, when a key tongue of the main turn-key (13) rotates into a recessed groove of the middle sleeve (29) and transmits torque, a key tongue of the auxiliary turn-key (10), driven by a connecting plate (23) and a bridge plate (24), rotates into another recessed groove of the middle sleeve (29) and prevents the excessive advance of the sliding block (3).

PAN, Jun (Shuiyin Xidi 33-501, Museum Road Hanjian, Yangzhou Jiangsu 3, 225003, CN)
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June 02, 2016
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November 24, 2014
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PAN, Jun (Shuiyin Xidi 33-501, Museum Road Hanjian, Yangzhou Jiangsu 3, 225003, CN)
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B30B15/12; B30B15/14
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NANJING SUKE PATENT AGENT CO., LTD (DONG, Xudong25th Floor of Jiangsu Technology Buildiling,37# of Guangzhou Road, Gulo, Nanjing Jiangsu 8, 210008, CN)
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