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WIPO Patent Application WO/2016/104664
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When attaching a material by striking the head portion of a drivable screw nail and causing the screw nail to rotate, because the screw employs a sharp lead angle on the order of 45°, when external force is applied in an attempt to pull back the attached material from the underlying material, the screw nail rotates slightly in the loosening direction, particularly when the attached material is a thin sheet such as plywood, thereby generating a gap between the underlying material and the attached material. The present invention addresses the problem of providing a drivable screw nail equipped with a means for preventing this loosening. A tapered portion on the back-surface side of the nail head of this drivable screw nail is formed in a pyramidal shape having a regular polygonal cross-sectional shape, with the diameter decreasing with proximity to the shaft of the nail, and by driving the upper surface of the screw nail head up to the surface of the attached material, it is possible to obtain the effect of preventing the screw nail from rotating, by means of the restoration force due to elastic deformation of the attached material, and the pressing force on the regular polygonal surface of the nail head occurring when an attempt is made to pull back the attached material.

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HASEGAWA, Takeo (6-21, Iguchidou 3-chome Ikeda-sh, Osaka 23, 〒5630023, JP)
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June 30, 2016
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December 17, 2015
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FUJITOMI CORPORATION (6-21, Iguchidou 3-chome Ikeda-sh, Osaka 23, 〒5630023, JP)
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F16B25/00; F16B15/00; F16B15/02; F16B35/04
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See also references of EP 3239541A4
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