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WIPO Patent Application WO/2017/183637
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A drone aircraft 1A having: an aircraft main body 11 that comprises a propeller 10; a parallel link mechanism 13 that comprises a work apparatus such as a camera 12 or an inspection device; and an acceleration sensor 14 that detects disturbance-induced wobbling and/or movement of the aircraft main body 11 relative to the position and orientation of the work apparatus before the disturbance. On the basis of detected values from the acceleration sensor 14, the parallel link mechanism 13 moves the work apparatus in an antiphase manner in response to the wobbling and/or movement of the aircraft main body 11 at the time of the disturbance and maintains the pre-disturbance position and orientation of the work apparatus. It is thus possible to achieve a drone aircraft that can capture magnified images of, precisely inspect, etc., minute flaws or the like, even when the drone aircraft wobbles or moves as a result of a disturbance such as a turbulent air current, a turbulent flight/flotation current, being hit by a gust of wind while in flight, or being blown back after having approached a structure.

IWASE, Masami (F610, Jindaiji Residence 3-17-1, Jindaiji Minami-machi, Chofu-sh, Tokyo 13, 〒1820013, JP)
HAYASHIBE, Takashi (1078, Kamimaruko, Ueda-sh, Nagano 98, 〒3860498, JP)
OHASHI, Toshio (1-1-15, Nangu, Okaya-sh, Nagano 33, 〒3940033, JP)
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Publication Date:
October 26, 2017
Filing Date:
April 18, 2017
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INDUSTRY NETWORK CO.,LTD. (1-1-15, Nangu Okaya-sh, Nagano 33, 〒3940033, JP)
International Classes:
B64C39/02; B64D47/08; B64C27/08
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Attorney, Agent or Firm:
MATSUO, Nobutaka (MEBUKI Intellectual Property Services, 9862-60 Ochiai, Fujimi-machi, Suwa-gu, Nagano 14, 〒3990214, JP)
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