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WIPO Patent Application WO/2018/108227
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Drone pipe for securely conveying goods unloaded from a drone, the drone pipe comprising : a dockingstation (1), a transport system in the pipe comprising chain, rubber, roll or using pressure.

DE BRUIN, Albert (Jan Binneslaan 2, 9231 CB Surhuisterveen, NL)
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June 21, 2018
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December 15, 2016
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DE BRUIN, Albert (Jan Binneslaan 2, 9231 CB Surhuisterveen, NL)
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B64C39/02; A47G29/14; B64F1/32; G06Q10/08
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The claim(s), drone pipe

The idea of the drone pipe has borne when we made a combination of several ideas, like the oldfashion chimney and the rain draine. The drone pipe is characterized by it's simple entry and exit of goods in a secure way. It is taking away the levels between the upper airway of the drone and the groundlevel through it's internal transportsystem. This is avoiding traffic of drones near the groundlevel causing dangerous situations. Because the goods entry, the upperside dockinkstation for the drone, is at high level the security is maintained. Once the good is delivered inside the pipe it will be handled through the transportsystem, a completely closed system.

1. The Drone pipe comprising, the dockstation for the drone to unload and load the good, the transportpipe, transportsystem in the pipe by/through, chain, rubber, roll or pressure. All the parts and/or elements are connected.

2. The drone pipe contains hatches for delivery and take away on local, individual level.

3. Wherein the dockingstation is connected with the transportpipe. Said

transportpipe contains the transportsystem,which can be in several different options been made. The whole system, drone pipe including its elements and parts is in vertical or horizontal position to be installed, fixed with parts, to a fixed Wall and/or in case of mobile pipe, to be fixed althrough ramming of piles.

4. The drone pipe is caracterized by its secure input( dockingstation connected with pipe) and output through the hatches (hatches in the pipe)

5. The end of the drone pipe, usually at ground floor or on any level, can be

connected to a receiving and send box.

6. Good(s) or product moves up and down through the pipe, depending which level it should be delivered or take away, coming out or in through the hatches sideways the pipe, instructed through software which is connected with the drones.

All above mentioned issues makes that the drone pipe facilitates an easy and secure for drone delivery at the location and take away for consumers ~




1. General: A drone pipe (possibly 2 integrated pipes, 1 for delivery and 1 for take away) is a connection between the ground floor and the landing point of a drone, in order to deliver or/and take away (a) good(s). Purpose is to deliver and take away goods/products through connecting ground level with a docking station for a drone at upper level

2. Material: Pipe is made of Steel or metal and has square shape (could be

rounded) of a vertical tunnel.

3. Function: On top of the pipe there is a platform, docking station, where drone can deliver or take away, inside the pipe there is a transport lift, technically to be designed, which brings the product from up to down and/or the other way around. The lift can stop at a floor level where is situated a opening through a automatic hatch. At the ground floor, if reaches, there is a box serving as delivery or take away point, with payment facility (ATM)

4. versions:

- Fixed integrated pipe: Inside buildings, houses, flats, warehouses, made of concrete cement, (drawing A)

- Installed pipe: Afterwards installed pipe, outside buildings, houses, flats, warehouses, (drawing B)

- Mobile pipe: Temporary installed pipe on the floor, necessary fixed in ground floor to avoid moving of the pipe (wind), (drawing C)

- Governmental installations, for example public streetlight could be combined with a drone pipe, (drawing 0)

- For all versions above mentioned is possible to have a single or dua) pipe. Single pipe for going down and upwards, automatic or manual. For dual pipe is one side for going downwards and the other side for going

5. Potential buyers/users:

- Individual house owners, (buyers, sellers of every kind of goods suitable for drone)(drawing A)

- Community building, flat, apartment, (see drawing B)

- Companies, warehouses, (post order companies, delivery services)

- Government, local or national, (drawing D)

- Associations, sports or any other with community building, (in case no building mobile pipe applicable), (drawing C)

6. Technical data:

- Integrated transport lift inside to be designed, manual, automatic or combi.

- Pipe contains two sides, downwards and upwards, in and out. On the side were goods come out, upwards, stock could be maintained.

- On the upper side will be a platform for landing, discharging and loading of different kinds of drones.

- Transport lift (manual) is possible in manual and automatic version. In case of manual the lift is made of curie slide, flat sureface or rolls, downwards. - Transportlift (automatic) is made of two way system, upwards and

downwards. Electric driving or hydraulic system, through lifting objects in small boxes which are fixed on a chain.


- Pipe can be installed previous to a building, so that it becomes integrated to the house or building. In this case design, installation, is to be made in cooperation with an architect.

- In a individual house pipe usually will be installed near the chimney or elevator, or besides.

- In apartment buildings or mansions installation can be external, fixed to the outside wall, possibly with hatches facing into the building. Fixation to the building should local measurements, including according local standards and certificates. Functioning:

1. A person orders, or has, ordered a product to bring or take away from his location (house, apartment or any other location with drone pipe installed)

2. Delivery address is beforehand installed at the ordering process and communicated with the drone when delivery has been approved.

3. Company which has received the order sends his drone, loaded with the ordered product, to the designated address.

4. When the drone arrived to indicated building, the docking station on top of the pipe will be opened for unloading.

5. Product unloaded at the docking station automatically falls in the pipe, which is manual or automatic going downwards.

6. Product reaches the level of the correct hatch (upon indication of owner beforehand) and will be ejaculated.

7. This process can be done the other way around. Products can be inserted in the hatch and lifted up to the docking station, drone will pick up the product from the docking station and bring it to indicated address. Sectors/parts:

1. Pipe (rounded or square, metal, steel or hard plastic, not flexible)

2. Docking station (to be installed on top of the pipe), including cover for rain.

3. Transportlift (band, rolls, pulleys, chain system, rubber, plastic or metal surface) Possible supplier(example)

: http://www.megadynegroup.com/

4. Cover for pipe: Each pipe can have a cover, for whole sureface, designed in same structure and colour, painting as the building it selves.

5. Receiving/sending box. At the bottom of the pipe the product will reach a small box, where it can be kept for some time in order to wait for pick up of its owner. Box is divided in small delivery boxes with a hatch, to be opened from outside with a digital code, to be screened or manual inserted.

6. Payment facility, connected with system to open the hatch

7. Installation parts, hooks, brackets, bolts

8. Software and hardware, l-phone and Andriod application software, GPS, stock counter, controlling system, data-internet connection.

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