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WIPO Patent Application WO/2018/137506
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A dynamic polymer having a hybridized crosslinked structure, comprising a common covalent crosslink and also comprising effects of a dynamic covalent inorganic silicon borate ester bond and of a supramolecular hydrogen bond formed with the participation of a side hydrogen bond group, where the common covalent crosslink is at or above the gel point of the polymer. The present dynamic polymer combines the dynamic covalent inorganic silicon borate ester bond and the supramolecular hydrogen bond, provides great dynamic reversibility, and presents functional characteristics such as stimulus responsiveness and self-healing properties; moreover, the common covalent crosslink further provides the polymer with a certain degree of strength and stability. In addition, the presence of the inorganic silicon borate ester bond and the hydrogen bond also allows the polymer to provide a great energy absorption effect and to perform toughening and damping of a material in a specific structure. The dynamic polymer is applicable in manufacturing a shock-absorbing cushioning material, an impact-resistant protective material, a self-healing material, and a resilient material.

GUO, Qiongyu (Guo Qiongyu, Huaye Lane 2Rongjiang Street Offic, Nankang Jiangxi 0, 341400, CN)
XU, Hui (Xu Hui, Guangzhou Road 213-1Gulou Distric, Nanjing Jiangsu 8, 210008, CN)
ZHANG, Huan (Zhang Huan, 17 #303Yunpan Village 2, Yangshe Distric, Zhangjiagang Jiangsu 9, 215699, CN)
LIANG, Su (Liang Su, Room 4 Building 3,Beierli Guta Distric, Jinzhou Liaoning 0, 121000, CN)
LIN, Gan (Lin Gan, Nanhou Street 13Gulou Distric, Fuzhou Fujian 1, 350001, CN)
OUYANG, Yong (Ouyang Yong, Gangkou Village 1Shixia Distric, Jieyang Guangdong 0, 522000, CN)
WENG, Wengui (Weng Wengui, Siming South Road 422-18Siming Distric, Xiamen Fujian 0, 361000, CN)
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Publication Date:
August 02, 2018
Filing Date:
January 12, 2018
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WENG, Qiumei (Weng Qiumei, Room 15D Garden Mansion, Dongputou Street, Yan'an North Road, Xiangcheng Distric, Zhangzhou Fujian 0, 363000, CN)
International Classes:
C08G83/00; C08F299/00
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Other References:
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