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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/139505
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The invention relates to the field of bakery products. An edible container for foodstuffs comprises two identically shaped and structured halves, each of which is made of baked dough and is in the shape of a thin-walled trough having side walls provided with protrusions and recesses. Each half is in the shape of a trough which is symmetrical in plan view about at least one axis that passes along the surface of the bottom of the trough, and both halves are connected to each other such that the protrusions of one half are received in the recesses of the other half to form a hollow, thin-walled shell. A supporting face is provided along the edge of the side walls of each trough to allow the troughs to rest against one another when joined. The protrusions and recesses in each trough are arranged along the supporting face, on the inside of the side wall of the trough. The protrusions are situated above the level of the supporting face, and the recesses are situated below said level. On the outer surface of the trough, opposite each recess inside the trough, elongate indentations are provided throughout the height of the side wall to form reinforcing ribs on the outside surface, and each protrusion in the trough is situated opposite an indentation.

PETROV, Maksim Sergeevich (Shipilovskiy pr-d, d.41 k.4, kv.55, Moscow 1, 115551, RU)
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Publication Date:
July 18, 2019
Filing Date:
December 28, 2018
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PETROV, Maksim Sergeevich (Shipilovskiy pr-d, d.41 k.4, kv.55, Moscow 1, 115551, RU)
International Classes:
A21D13/00; A21B5/02; A21C15/00
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ENENKO, Vladislav Valerievich (a/ya 312, Belokopytov A.V.Moscow, 101000, RU)
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