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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/194685
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The invention relates to a metal barrel that contains a relatively heavy metal cylinder (disc) and has two fans disposed at the top and the bottom thereof (a fan at each end), with an electricity generation dynamo, the two fans being able to produce energy, regardless of whether the rotation is clockwise or anticlockwise. The barrel is placed with the components thereof on a hydraulic base connected to a motor, to rotate the barrel 180 degrees. When the barrel is positioned vertically, the cylinder begins to descend under the effect of gravity, which causes air to be suctioned from the top section of the barrel, thereby causing the top fan to rotate and generate electrical energy. Also, as the cylinder descends, same pushes the air out of the bottom of the barrel, thereby rotating the bottom fan and generating electricity from same. When the cylinder reaches the stopping point, the electric motor rotates the entire barrel 180 degrees, causing the cylinder to return vertically and begin to generate electricity again in the same way. The motor that rotates the barrel is battery-operated, and the battery can be charged using electricity produced by the electricity generation process of the barrel, as the battery does not need more than 25% of the electricity produced by the barrel and 75% of the electricity produced is surplus that can be used as desired. Two barrels can be used together to achieve continuous, uninterrupted generation, the first barrel being in a stopped state and then in rotation while the second barrel is in an operational state. The number and size of the barrels can also be controlled to generate a small amount of energy or a large amount of energy at the level of big cities or towns.

SAVID, Husam (Al-Khadraa, Alsalam roundabout building 1, Alburaimy 512, 512, OM)
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October 10, 2019
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April 01, 2018
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SAVID, Husam (Al-Khadraa, Alsalam roundabout building 1, Alburaimy 512, 512, OM)
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F04B53/00; F03G7/10
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