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WIPO Patent Application WO/2017/002693
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This electric compressor is provided with: a compressor unit; a motor unit including a motor; an inverter unit which drives the motor, wherein the compressor unit, the motor unit and the inverter unit are aligned in the axial direction of the motor; and a housing which houses the compressor unit and the motor unit. The inverter unit has an inverter module including U-phase, V-phase and W-phase semiconductor elements which respectively form U-phase, V-phase and W-phase arms, and a board onto which the semiconductor elements are bare-chip mounted. The board has a heat dissipating surface which is thermally connected to the housing. The semiconductor elements are disposed following the external shape of the housing.

KATO, Naoki (2-1 Toyoda-cho, Kariya-sh, Aichi 71, 〒4488671, JP)
MORI, Shogo (2-1 Toyoda-cho, Kariya-sh, Aichi 71, 〒4488671, JP)
OTOBE, Yuri (2-1 Toyoda-cho, Kariya-sh, Aichi 71, 〒4488671, JP)
YUGUCHI, Hiroshi (2-1 Toyoda-cho, Kariya-sh, Aichi 71, 〒4488671, JP)
KINOSHITA, Yusuke (2-1 Toyoda-cho, Kariya-sh, Aichi 71, 〒4488671, JP)
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Publication Date:
January 05, 2017
Filing Date:
June 23, 2016
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KABUSHIKI KAISHA TOYOTA JIDOSHOKKI (2-1 Toyoda-cho, Kariya-shi Aichi, 71, 〒4488671, JP)
International Classes:
H02K11/30; F04B39/00; F04C29/00; H02K7/14
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
ONDA, Makoto et al. (12-1, Ohmiya-cho 2-chome Gifu-sh, Gifu 31, 〒5008731, JP)
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