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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/187362
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In an electric parking brake device in which a parking brake state is released by loosening a brake cable: a nut (61) is screwed onto a screw shaft (38) in such a way as to to be capable of moving in an axial direction; a movement restricting portion (74f) which is caused to abut the screw shaft or a linked member (76) that moves in the axial direction together with the screw shaft, thereby restricting an axial direction movement end of the screw shaft to the side loosening the brake cable (37), is disposed in a fixed position inside an actuator case (39); and a resilient member (80) which is compressed in response to axial direction movement of the nut after movement restriction has been effected by the movement restricting portion when the screw shaft moves in the axial direction toward the side loosening the brake cable is interposed between the nut and an insertion member (74) which is accommodated and fixed inside the actuator case. This makes it possible for a load to be applied to the electric motor when the parking brake state is to be released, while preventing generation of an operating sound, and without making the strength of the actuator case unnecessarily large.

USUI Koji (801, Kazawa, Tomi-cit, Nagano 14, 〒3890514, JP)
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October 03, 2019
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December 06, 2018
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NISSIN KOGYO CO., LTD. (801 Kazawa, Tomi-city Nagano, 14, 〒3890514, JP)
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F16D65/22; B60T13/74; F16D121/24; F16D125/40; F16D125/60
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OCHIAI & CO. (TO Building, 6-3 Taito 2-chome, Taito-k, Tokyo 16, 〒1100016, JP)
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