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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/049389
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This power steering device is provided with: a motor-side member 71 which is attached to an output shaft 51 of an electric motor and has motor-side protrusion parts 712b protruding in the axial direction of the output shaft 51; a worm-side member 72 which is attached to a worm 62 of a speed reducing part that reduces the rotational speed of the electric motor and which has worm-side protrusion parts 722b protruding in the axial direction; and an elastic member 73. The elastic member 73 is disposed between the output shaft 51 and the worm 62; has worm gaps 742,into which the worm-side protrusion parts 722b are inserted, and motor gaps 741, into which the motor side protrusion parts 712b are inserted, the worm gaps 742 and the motor gaps 741 being formed on radial protrusion parts 732 adjacent to each other among a plurality of radial protrusion parts 732 that protrude radially; and has a closing part 733 which allows insertion of the worm-side protrusion parts 722b but prevents the insertion of the motor-side protrusion parts 712 into the worm gaps 742, wherein the worm-side protrusion parts 722b are not suppressed from being inserted into the motor gaps 741.

MUTO, Hiroyuki (Tochigi Development Center 112-1, Hagadai, Hagamachi, Haga-gu, Tochigi 25, 〒3213325, JP)
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March 14, 2019
Filing Date:
September 25, 2017
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SHOWA CORPORATION (1-14-1, Fujiwara-cho Gyoda Cit, Saitama 06, 〒3618506, JP)
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B62D5/04; F16D3/68
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FURUBE, Jiro et al. (SERIO PATENT & TRADEMARK ATTORNEYS, Ark Mori Building 22Fl. P.O.Box 513, 1-12-32, Akasaka, Minato-k, Tokyo 22, 〒1076022, JP)
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