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WIPO Patent Application WO/2011/083793
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An electric toothbrush (1) is provided with a brush (210), a drive section (10) which drives the brush, an attitude sensor which detects an attitude, and an electrode type contact detection section (50) which detects contact with an organism. The detection contact section includes a first detection section for detecting contact with or approach to the rear surface side of the brush section. The electric toothbrush detects attitude information on the basis of the output of the attitude sensor and estimates, on the basis of at least the attitude information, which portions are being brushed. In the portion estimation, if the portions being brushed which is determined on the basis of the attitude information are the tooth row surfaces on the right cheek side or the left tongue side or are the tooth row surfaces on the left cheek side or the right tongue side, it is determined whether the portions are on the cheek side or the tongue side on the basis of an electric signal obtained from the first detection section.

IWAHORI, Toshiyuki (24, Yamanouchi Yamanoshita-cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto-sh, Kyoto 84, 〒6150084, JP)
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July 14, 2011
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January 05, 2011
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OMRON HEALTHCARE CO., LTD. (24 Yamanouchi Yamanoshita-cho, Ukyo-ku Kyoto-sh, Kyoto 84, 〒6150084, JP)
オムロンヘルスケア株式会社 (〒84 京都府京都市右京区山ノ内山ノ下町24番地 Kyoto, 〒6150084, JP)
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Fukami Patent Office, p.c. (Nakanoshima Central Tower, 2-7 Nakanoshima 2-chome, Kita-ku, Osaka-sh, Osaka 05, 〒5300005, JP)
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