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WIPO Patent Application WO/2018/028267
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An electro-pneumatic material cutting machine, a drive air cylinder (2) and a sliding rail (7) thereof being fixed on a work platform (1) respectively; a motor support (5) is fixed to a telescopic end of a piston rod of the drive air cylinder (2); a movable cutter motor (4) is fixed to the motor support (5); a movable cutter (3) is fixed to an output end of the movable cutter motor (4); a sliding block (8) is matched to the inside of a sliding rail (7); the sliding block (8) is fixedly connected to the motor support (5) by means of a connecting plate (9); a fixed cutter (6) is fixed inside the sliding block (8), and the fixed cutter (6) is arranged below the movable cutter (3) and matches thereto; the sliding rail (7) is arranged in a telescopic direction of the piston rod of the drive air cylinder (2); the sliding rail (7) and the drive air cylinder (2) are arranged on the same straight line; and the fixed cutter (6) and the sliding block (8) travel inside the sliding rail (7). By means of the electro-pneumatic material cutting machine, cutting efficiency is increased, and labor intensity and operational requirements of workers are reduced.

ZHANG, Qiaobao (Wujian Town Industrial Area, Jiangdu DistrictYangzhou, Jiangsu 0, 225200, CN)
ZHANG, Xingming (江都区武坚镇工业区扬州市, Jiangsu 0, 225200, CN)
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Publication Date:
February 15, 2018
Filing Date:
May 23, 2017
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YANGZHOU EVERGREEN SPORTS PRODUCTS LIMITED (Wujian Town Industrial Area, Jiangdu DistrictYangzhou, Jiangsu 0, 225200, CN)
International Classes:
B26D1/20; B26D5/08
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CENTRAL SOUTH WELL INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OFFICE (2th Floor, Room H216,Suzhou Nanotech National University Science ParkNo.388, Ruoshui Road, Industrial Par, Suzhou Jiangsu 3, 215123, CN)
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