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WIPO Patent Application WO/2017/119653
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According to various examples of the present invention, an electronic device having a first camera module comprises: a housing; a lens assembly arranged in the inside of the housing and including at least one wide-angle lens; an image sensor arranged at the lower part of the lens assembly and converting a semi-spherical optical image, which is transferred from the lens assembly, into an electric signal; a base arranged at the lower part of the housing and having the image sensor or a printed circuit unit mounted therein; and a combination unit arranged at one surface of the base so as to induce coupling with an external device, and including at least one magnet. According to various examples of the present invention, a user can conveniently acquire a desired image when photographing an object, by designing the electronic device having the camera of which an angle of view can be readily switched to 180° or 360°.

KIM, Joo-Hyung (#103-1904, Dongjak Sangtteville APT. 38, Sindaebang 1ga-gil,Dongjak-gu, Seoul, 07072, KR)
MOON, Woo-Jung (#119-1405, Gwanak Hyundai APT. 60, Gwanak-ro 40-gil,Gwanak-gu, Seoul, 08730, KR)
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Publication Date:
July 13, 2017
Filing Date:
December 26, 2016
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SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. (129 Samsung-ro, Yeongtong-guSuwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, 16677, KR)
International Classes:
G03B37/00; G02B13/06; H04N5/225; H04N5/232
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
LEE, Keon-Joo et al. (Mihwa Bldg, 16 Daehak-ro 9-gil,Chongro-gu, Seoul, 03079, KR)
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