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WIPO Patent Application WO/2016/111318
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[Problem] To provide a fastener which is lightweight and easily attached/detached, whereby another object such as a number cloth or a nametag can be retained on a sheet-shaped object such as clothing fabric without the use of a pin. [Solution] A hole (H) of a number cloth is held by a connector (22) and a retaining part opening (12). A stopper (3) is inserted together with the fabric of a gym suit into a stopper opening (13) and accommodated in a stopper receiver (16). A retaining part (2) is rotated substantially 90 degrees, and a lock protrusion (17) and a protrusion receiver (231) are engaged. In the present invention, a retaining body can be fixed to the fabric of a gym suit in a state in which the retaining body is joined to a number cloth.

ODASHIMA KIYOSHI (Otsu 320-18, Kano Kiyotake-cho, Miyazaki-sh, Miyazaki 05, 〒8891605, JP)
MAKIYAMA SHUNSUKE (6-20-31, Tomooka Jonan-ku, Fukuoka-sh, Fukuoka 12, 〒8140112, JP)
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Publication Date:
July 14, 2016
Filing Date:
January 06, 2016
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CLIPWARE CORPORATION (4-42, Kano Kiyotake-cho, Miyazaki-sh, Miyazaki 07, 〒8891607, JP)
International Classes:
A44B99/00; G09F7/00
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