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WIPO Patent Application WO/2018/159658
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Provided is a fat- or oil-processed starch which is highly dispersible in a food material such as batter, shows excellent stickiness to a food ingredient to be coated therewith, etc., and can give a preferable texture. The fat- or oil-processed starch according to the present invention can be obtained by adding a fat or oil composition, which has an iodine value of 125-170 and contains 35-8000 ppm of polyphenol, to a starch and then subjecting the thus obtained mixture to an aging treatment. It is preferred that the content of the fat or oil composition is 0.01-5%. It is also preferred that the starch is tapioca starch.

MORIMOTO Kazuki (Tajima 30, Fuji-sh, Shizuoka 30, 〒4178530, JP)
ARIMOTO Misa (Tajima 30, Fuji-sh, Shizuoka 30, 〒4178530, JP)
TAKAGUCHI Hitoshi (Tajima 30, Fuji-sh, Shizuoka 30, 〒4178530, JP)
YAMAMOTO Toshihiro (Tajima 30, Fuji-sh, Shizuoka 30, 〒4178530, JP)
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Publication Date:
September 07, 2018
Filing Date:
February 28, 2018
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NIHON SHOKUHIN KAKO CO., LTD. (20F Marunouchi Kitaguchi Bldg, 1-6-5 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-k, Tokyo 05, 〒1000005, JP)
International Classes:
A23L29/219; A23L5/10
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
MATSUI Shigeru et al. (Nishi-Shinjuku Mitsui Building 18F, 24-1 Nishi-Shinjuku 6-chome, Shinjuku-k, Tokyo 23, 〒1600023, JP)
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