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WIPO Patent Application WO/2011/138837
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Disclosed is an efficient field-emission light source which can uniformly emit light. An emitter electrode (11) is comprised of a plurality of wire emitters (11a), the axes of which are parallel to one another. Each wire emitter has a linear shape. An electron emission element is formed on substantially a half of the surface of each wire emitter when viewed in the axial direction. The surface of each wire emitter (11a), on which the electron emission element is formed, faces toward a phosphor layer (13), and is disposed so that the number of rotation symmetries is identical to the number of the wire emitters (11a). Thus, electrons can be uniformly emitted around the emitter electrode (11), and accordingly, light can be uniformly emitted in the phosphor layer. Furthermore, a power feed unit (12) for supporting the emitter electrode (11) is shaped so that the electric field strength is reduced in the portion of the electron emission element, near the phosphor layer (13). Thus, light is uniformly emitted in the longitudinal direction of the emitter electrode (11).

NISHIMURA Kazuhito (3-1, Shinonome-cho, Kochi-sh, Kochi 05, 〒7800805, JP)
西村 一仁 (〒05 高知県高知市東雲町3番1号 高知FEL株式会社内 Kochi, 〒7800805, JP)
SASAOKA Hideki (3-1, Shinonome-cho, Kochi-sh, Kochi 05, 〒7800805, JP)
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November 10, 2011
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May 10, 2010
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KOCHI FEL CO., LTD. (3-1 Shinonome-cho, Kochi-shi Kochi, 05, 〒7800805, JP)
高知FEL株式会社 (〒05 高知県高知市東雲町3番1号 Kochi, 〒7800805, JP)
NISHIMURA Kazuhito (3-1, Shinonome-cho, Kochi-sh, Kochi 05, 〒7800805, JP)
西村 一仁 (〒05 高知県高知市東雲町3番1号 高知FEL株式会社内 Kochi, 〒7800805, JP)
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KAZUHITO NISHIMURA ET AL.: 'Funnel-gata Denkyoku Kozo o Mochiita Denkai Denshi Hoshutsugata Kogen no Kaihatsu' NEW DIAMOND vol. 26, no. 2, 25 April 2010, pages 18 - 23
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KIMURA Mitsuru (2nd Floor, Kyohan Building 7, Kandanishiki-cho 2-chome, Chiyoda-k, Tokyo 54, 〒1010054, JP)
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