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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/160381
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A fine dust removal apparatus using a string electric field is provided. The fine dust removal apparatus is provided with an ionization unit which improves anionization/cationization of foreign substance particles (including fine dust, volatile organic compounds, heavy metals, or the like) in incoming air by heating the incoming air to promote the ionization rate of the fine dust and radiating electrons or detaching electrons. In order to collect the fine dust, a method of applying a direct current voltage and voltage of a pulse alternative electric field (PAEF) capable of alternately performing input of negative/positive polarity at 10-30 cycles/sec are further added. The fine dust removal apparatus includes: a dust collecting unit for effectively collecting foreign substance particles which are anionized/cationized in the ionization unit at a mesh electrode forming a chaos electric field at a string electric field; and an adhesive filter which is detachably mounted at the dust collecting unit and is coated with glycerin making the foreign substance particles adhere thereto. Additionally, the PAEF serves a function of moving the fine dust adhered to a mesh net back to the adhesive filter to clean the mesh net. Finally, clean anion air is provided indoors by removing fine dust, performing sterilization, and generating anions.

SHIN, Sang Yong (#313-901126, Sungbok2-ro Suji-guYoungin-Si, Gyeonggi-do, 16851, KR)
VACH, Young Woo (#105-906, 64 Sicheong-ro,Wonju-Si, Gangwon-do, 26388, KR)
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August 22, 2019
Filing Date:
February 18, 2019
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FHI KOREA CO.,LTD. (22 Gangnam-daero 122gil, Seoul, 06119, KR)
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B03C3/41; A61L9/20; B03C3/66
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OH, Young Kyun (#202, 273 Digital-ro,Guro-Gu, Seoul, 08381, KR)
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