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WIPO Patent Application WO/2018/024197
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Provided is a flexible LED projection light, comprising: a plurality of LED light boards (1), wherein the LED board (1) is a circuit board (3) having LEDs (2) soldered thereon, each of the LED light boards (1) is connected by means of a flexible wire (4), and a lens (6) is arranged above the LED light board (1) at a position corresponding to the LED (2); and an injection-type insulating sheath (7), wherein the injection-type insulating sheath (7) comprises a plurality of external injection-type units (8) and a flexible connection body (9) that connects two adjacent external injection-type units (8), the external injection-type unit (8) covers the portions below the top of the LED light board (1) and the lens (6), and the flexible connection body (9) covers the flexible wire (4) between two adjacent LED light boards (1). The flexible LED projection light has optimal bending performance at the position of each flexible connection body (9), and is suitable for mounting on various curved objects and is easy to install, has a wide range of application and optimal waterproof performance.

FAN, Baosheng (Building H, No. 326 Xianghe Road, Gonghe Town, Hesha, Jiangmen Guangdong 8, 529728, CN)
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Publication Date:
February 08, 2018
Filing Date:
August 01, 2017
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HESHAN YINYU LIGHTING COMPANY LIMITED (Building H, No. 326 Xianghe Road, Gonghe Town, Hesha, Jiangmen Guangdong 8, 529728, CN)
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F21S8/00; F21Y115/10
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ADVANCE CHINA IP LAW OFFICE (Room 3901, No. 85 Huacheng Avenue Tianhe Distric, Guangzhou Guangdong 3, 510623, CN)
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