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WIPO Patent Application WO/2007/097312
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It is intended to make a fluorescent lamp compact by reducing its entire length and to shorten the portions other than the fluorescent lamp especially, thereby to make the design preferable and to enhance the illuminating effect. Provided is a fluorescent lamp (20) to be attached to a feeding side member (10), which is constituted of a hook ceiling including a pair of retaining holes and a pair of feeding side terminals arranged at positions to match the retaining holes. The fluorescent lamp (20) is provided with a fluorescent lamp body (21), an inverter built-in case (22) disposed on the root end side of the fluorescent lamp body (21), and a pair of terminals (23) disposed on the opposite side of the case to the fluorescent lamp. The paired terminals (23) are so bent at their leading ends that they may be retained on the feeding side member (10) and electrically connected with the feeding side terminals when they are individually inserted into the paired retaining holes of the feeding side member (10) and are displaced in the rotational direction on the center of the fluorescent lamp.

NAKAZAWA, Namio (30-3, Kizugawadai 3-chome Kizu-cho, Souraku-gu, Kyoto 25, 6190225, JP)
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Publication Date:
August 30, 2007
Filing Date:
February 20, 2007
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MONOCO QTEX, INC. (12-17-407, Nanpeidai-cho Shibuya-k, Tokyo 36, 1500036, JP)
モノコキューテックス株式会社 (〒36 東京都渋谷区南平台町12番17-407号 Tokyo, 1500036, JP)
KOBASHI, Hiroshi (25-19, Taguchiyama 1-chome Hirakata-sh, Osaka 01, 5730001, JP)
小橋 弘 (〒01 大阪府枚方市田口山1丁目25-19 Osaka, 5730001, JP)
International Classes:
F21V19/00; F21S2/00; F21V21/02; F21V23/00; F21Y103/025
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ISHIDO, Hisako (Nos.317 & 318, Sanno Urban Life 1-8 Sanno 2-chom, Ota-ku Tokyo 23, 1430023, JP)
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