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WIPO Patent Application WO/2018/032545
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A flywheel-driven breaking hammer having a stripping function. The breaking hammer comprises a flywheel (1), a hydraulic motor (2), a drill rod (13), a flywheel bump block (14), a flywheel rotating shaft (15), a bump hammer (17), a stripping sheet (25), and a stripping head (26). The flywheel (1) is mounted on the flywheel rotating shaft (15), and the flywheel bump block (14) is mounted on the flywheel (1). When the flywheel (1) rotates, the flywheel bump block (14) continuously bumps a bump rod (16) mounted on the bump hammer (17), so that the bump hammer (17) downwards moves and bumps the drill rod (13). The stripping sheet (25) is mounted on the stripping head (26) of the drill rod (13). When the drill rod (13) downwards hits an object, an object resistance is applied to a triggering shifter piece (24) to make the triggering shifter piece (24) upwardly move, and the stripping sheet (25) is ejected from a stripping mounting hole (39) to strip off the broken object from a breaking point. By means of the stripping sheet, the breaking hammer can break an object and at the same time strip off the broken object, so that a breaking point provides a good visual field, and the breaking hammer has a good practical effect.

GU, Xiangmao (No. 320, Jiushui East Road Licang Distric, Qingdao Shandong 0, 266000, CN)
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Publication Date:
February 22, 2018
Filing Date:
September 02, 2016
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GU, Xiangmao (No. 320, Jiushui East Road Licang Distric, Qingdao Shandong 0, 266000, CN)
International Classes:
B02C1/00; E02F5/30
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SHENZHEN SHENZHOU UNITED INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OFFICE (DENG Yang, Room 301 Floor 3, Building M-2, Maqueling,Gaoxin Central Zone, Nanshan Distric, Shenzhen Guangdong 1, 518031, CN)
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