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WIPO Patent Application WO/2018/223416
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A finite rate of innovation (FRI) sparse sampling kernel function construction method and circuit. In the method, a condition that a sampling kernel needs to be satisfied is determined according to characteristics of an analog input signal and a subsequent parameter estimation algorithm, a frequency response function of a Fourier series coefficient screening circuit is designed, a performance parameter of the sampling kernel frequency response function is determined, and a sampling kernel function is obtained after correction. The circuit is implemented by cascading a Fourier series coefficient screening module and a phase correction module. The Fourier series coefficient screening module adopts a Chebyshev type-II low-pass filter circuit, and the phase correction module adopts an all-pass filter circuit. After a signal passes through the sampling kernel circuit, the signal can be sparsely sampled directly according to a signal FRI, and after sparse data is obtained, an original signal characteristic parameter can be accurately restored by using a parameter estimation algorithm. The FRI sparse sampling kernel is particularly suitable for FRI sparse sampling systems of pulse stream signals, and the sampling rate thereof is far lower than conventional Nyquist sampling rates, greatly reducing data collection volumes.

SONG, Shoupeng (NO.301, Xuefu RoadZhenjiang, Jiangsu 3, 212013, CN)
JIANG, Zhou (NO.301, Xuefu RoadZhenjiang, Jiangsu 3, 212013, CN)
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Publication Date:
December 13, 2018
Filing Date:
June 16, 2017
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JIANGSU UNIVERSITY (NO.301, Xuefu RoadZhenjiang, Jiangsu 3, 212013, CN)
International Classes:
H03H17/00; H03H17/02
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JW IP LAW FIRM (Room 701, Floor 7,Building A5, No. 14 Courtyard, Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 5, 100015, CN)
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