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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/155964
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This fuel injection control device (40) controls a fuel injection system (1) which is provided with: a pressure accumulation container (32) which accumulates fuel at a high pressure; a direct injection type fuel injection valve (30) which directly injects the high pressure fuel in the pressure accumulation container into a combustion chamber (21) of an internal combustion engine (10); and exhaust sensors (24, 36) which detect components in a gas exhausted from the internal combustion engine (10). The fuel injection control device is provided with: a timing setting unit (43) which, when the amount of a component to be reduced in the exhausted gas, which is detected by the exhaust sensors, is equal to or greater than a prescribed amount, sets the fuel injection timing to the latter half of a compression stroke of the internal combustion engine under a condition in which the internal combustion engine satisfies a prescribed high temperature condition at a prescribed calculation timing set for each combustion cycle of the internal combustion engine; and an injection control unit (45) which calculates the fuel injection interval on the basis of the injection timing set by the timing setting unit and controls the fuel injection valve on the basis of the injection timing and the injection interval.

KONDO, Takahiro (1-1 Showa-cho, Kariya-cit, Aichi 61, 〒4488661, JP)
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August 15, 2019
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January 30, 2019
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DENSO CORPORATION (1-1 Showa-cho, Kariya-city Aichi, 61, 〒4488661, JP)
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F02D41/34; F02D41/04; F02D45/00
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YAMADA, Tsuyoshi (Daiichi Hasegawa Bldg.6F, 13-24 Meieki 3-chome, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-sh, Aichi 02, 〒4500002, JP)
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