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WIPO Patent Application WO/2017/203214
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A heat flux sensing device (1) comprises a heat flux sensor (11) operable to measure heat flux from a wall, to which the device (1) is fixed. The device (1) is provided within a housing (20) having a front face (21) fixed to the wall, and a rear face (22). A heat flux opening (23) is provided for the heat flux sensor (11). The rear face (22) has an opening (23) a corresponding to the heat flux opening (23). The heat flux sensor (11) is mounted on a support frame 30 provided with side arms (31) upon which are provided spring anchors (39). Corresponding spring anchors (29) are provided on the interior of the rear face (22). When front face (21) is affixed to the wall, springs (32) act to urge the heat flux sensor into a close and secure fitting with the wall. As there is provision for relative movement between the heat flux sensor (11) and the housing (20) and it is the housing (20) that is directly affixed to the wall, minimal stress is applied to the heat flux sensor (11) during installation or removal of the device (1) or from unexpected impacts during monitoring operation.

FITTON, Richard (3 Acton Square 2nd Floor, The Crescent, Salford Lancashire M5 4WT, M5 4WT, GB)
BUSBY, Paul (3 Acton Square 2nd Floor, The Crescent, Salford Lancashire M5 4WT, M5 4WT, GB)
BENJABER, Moaad (3 Acton Square 2nd Floor, The Crescent, Salford lancashire M5 4WT, M5 4WT, GB)
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December 21, 2017
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May 19, 2017
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UNIVERSITY OF SALFORD ENTERPRISES LIMITED (3 Acton Square, 2nd Floor The Crescent, Salford, Manchester Lancashire M5 4WT, M5 4WT, GB)
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G01K17/20; G01K1/08; G01K1/14
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WILSON GUNN (MANCHESTER) (5th Floor, Blackfriars HouseThe Parsonage, Manchester Lancashire M3 2JA, M3 2JA, GB)
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