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WIPO Patent Application WO/2014/162527
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[Problem] To prevent unintended separation of the locked-state coupling by accidental external contact and to reliably perform connect and disconnect operations. [Solution] This hose coupling is characterized in that, in a final linked state, at least some of the accommodated claw groups that are remaining claws (second claws (42)) which are nearer to the back in the cylinder axis direction are accommodated, by means of elastic return displacement of a socket member (2), in axial positions which are within concave sections of the socket member and which overlap with protruding units. Here, engagement is not only achieved by elastic pressure of an elastic material in the axial direction, as was conventionally the case, but the remaining claws (second claws (42)) are moved up to the leading side of the protruding units in the socket rotation direction and the remaining claws are accommodated there, and by means of elastic return of the protruding units of the socket, the axial positions of the protruding units and the axial positions of the accommodated remaining claw units partially overlap.

IWASAKI Hiromi (Wuma Industrial Park Lubu TownYuyao Zhejiang, 315400, CN)
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October 09, 2014
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April 03, 2013
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NINGBO YINGZHEN MACHINE ELEMENT MADE CO.,LTD. (Wuma Industrial Park Lubu Town, Yuyao Zhejiang, 315400, CN)
IWASAKI Hiromi (Wuma Industrial Park Lubu TownYuyao Zhejiang, 315400, CN)
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F16L37/24; A62C33/00; F16L37/12
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MORITA Takuo (2-3-6, AsahigaokaIkeda-shi Osaka, 22, 〒5630022, JP)
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