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WIPO Patent Application WO/2017/000152
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Disclosed is a hydraulic power-generation device, which is mainly provided with a water passage (2) arranged in an oblique manner, waterwheels (3) are provided in groups on the water passage (2), a wall face of the water passage is provided with a standby water passage (4) at a place corresponding to each waterwheel (3), tapered pipes (8) are provided in groups in the water passage (2); when water flows out from a big diameter end of a pipe orifice (81) of each tapered pipe (8) to a small diameter end, insofar as the pipe diameter of the pipe orifice (81) tapers gradually, the flow speed and the water pressure of the water will respectively increase to increase the rotation speed of the waterwheel (3) impacted by the water flow in order to increase the power generating efficiency of a power generator (5); when one of the waterwheels (3) or the power generator (5) is damaged, a water inlet and outlet (23, 24) corresponding to the damaged waterwheel (3) are opened to enable the water in the water passage (2) to flow into the water inlet (23) at the damaged waterwheel (3) and then to be discharged back to the water passage (2) via the water outlet (24) through the standby water passage (4) so that when the waterwheel (3) or the power generator (5) at the damaged place is repaired, the other waterwheels (3) can be driven by the water flow to generate power normally.

CHEN, Shui-Chuan (No.9, Aly.80 Ln.195, Sec.1, Benyuan St., Annan Dist, Tainan City Taiwan, Taiwan, CN)
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January 05, 2017
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June 30, 2015
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CHEN, Shui-Chuan (No.9, Aly.80 Ln.195, Sec.1, Benyuan St., Annan Dist, Tainan City Taiwan, Taiwan, CN)
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H02J7/32; F03B13/06
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BEIJING SANYOU INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AGENCY LTD. (16th Fl, Block A Corporate Square, No.35 Jinrong Street, Beijing 3, 100033, CN)
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