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WIPO Patent Application WO/2017/057440
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Provided is a hydraulic pressure control device which is capable of ensuring a sufficient fluid inflow/outflow quantity for variation in hardware, while ensuring control stability. This hydraulic pressure control device, which controls a valve part for adjusting the inflow/outflow of a fluid into and out of a hydraulic pressure chamber formed in a braking device, in order to control the actual hydraulic pressure, i.e. the hydraulic pressure of the fluid in the hydraulic pressure chamber, to a target hydraulic pressure, i.e. a target value for the actual hydraulic pressure, is provided with: a determination unit which determines whether a response delay time of the actual hydraulic pressure with respect to the target hydraulic pressure is equal to or greater than a prescribed permitted delay time; and an inflow/outflow quantity correction unit which, in cases when the determination unit has determined that the response delay time is equal to or greater than the permitted delay time, executes increase correction processing in which the valve part is controlled to increase the inflow/outflow quantity of the fluid in the hydraulic pressure chamber, said inflow/outflow quantity corresponding to the deviation between the actual hydraulic pressure and the target hydraulic pressure.

NINOYU Masaki (2-1, Showa-cho, Kariya-sh, Aichi 88, 〒4488688, JP)
OKANO Takahiro (2-1, Showa-cho, Kariya-sh, Aichi 88, 〒4488688, JP)
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April 06, 2017
Filing Date:
September 28, 2016
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ADVICS CO., LTD. (2-1 Showa-cho, Kariya-shi Aichi, 88, 〒4488688, JP)
TOYOTA JIDOSHA KABUSHIKI KAISHA (1 Toyota-cho, Toyota-shi Aichi, 71, 〒4718571, JP)
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B60T8/174; B60T13/14; B60T13/68
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KOBAYASHI Osamu et al. (KAWASHIMA Bldg. 2nd Floor, 19-13 Kanayamacho 1-chome, Atsuta-ku, Nagoya-sh, Aichi 02, 〒4560002, JP)
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