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WIPO Patent Application WO/2015/007761
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The invention relates to a hydrodynamic machine, in particular a hydrodynamic retarder, comprising a first impeller, in particular a rotor (1), and a second impeller, in particular a stator (2), which is arranged concentrically to the first impeller, said first impeller and second impeller together forming a toroidal working chamber (4) and being grouped about a common rotational axis (5). Each impeller (1, 2) is composed of at least two components, a main part (7a, b) and multiple blades (8). The aim of the invention is to improve the efficiency and reduce production costs. According to the invention, this is achieved in that the shape of the blades has been modified. The blades (8) according to the invention of each impeller (1, 2) extend in an arc from a radially inner blade end on a radially inner wall of the main part (7a, b) to a radially outer blade end on a radially outer wall of the main part (7a, b).

SCHLOSSER, Markus (Müllerweg 13, Ellwangen, 73479, DE)
LÜHRS, Thorsten (Hardtweg 5, Kirchberg, 74592, DE)
OTT, Helmut (Diebacher Straße 12, Insingen, 91610, DE)
ROMMEL, Matthias (Ludwig Thoma Straße 20, Schwäb. Gmünd, 73529, DE)
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Publication Date:
September 24, 2015
Filing Date:
July 16, 2014
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VOITH PATENT GMBH (Sankt Pöltener Straße 43, Heidenheim, 89522, DE)
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B60T1/08; B60T10/02; F16D33/20; F16D57/04
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