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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/106923
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This ice maker (1) has: ice making trays (5) each having a water storing recess section (9); a drive part (6) which inverts the ice making trays (5), about an axial line L passing through the ice making trays (5), between a water storing position (5A) in which the water storing recess sections (9) face up, and an ice separation position (5B) in which the water storing recess section parts (9) face down; and a frame (7) which supports the ice making trays (5) and the drive part (6). The ice making trays (5) has a water receiving part (26), which protrudes outward, on a portion which moves downward at the start of a counterclockwise (CCW) rotation directed from the water storing position (5A) to the ice separation position (5B). The frame (7) is provided with an outwardly extending portion (55a) positioned over the water receiving part (26). In the outwardly extending portion (55a), a water passage port (64) is provided at a position overlapping the water receiving part (26) when viewed in the Z direction. The water receiving part (26) communicates with the water receiving recess sections (9), and water supplied from a water supply pipe (2) passes through the water passage port (64) to be poured into the water receiving part (26), and flows into the water storing recess sections (9).

ISHIMIZU, Akio (5329 Shimosuwa-machi, Suwa-gu, Nagano 11, 〒3938511, JP)
SAITO, Shunji (5329 Shimosuwa-machi, Suwa-gu, Nagano 11, 〒3938511, JP)
HAYASHI, Katsuhiko (5329 Shimosuwa-machi, Suwa-gu, Nagano 11, 〒3938511, JP)
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Publication Date:
June 06, 2019
Filing Date:
September 25, 2018
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NIDEC SANKYO CORPORATION (5329, Shimosuwa-machi Suwa-gu, Nagano 11, 〒3938511, JP)
International Classes:
F25C1/10; F25C1/25
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