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WIPO Patent Application WO/2019/044193
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[Problem] To provide an image capture device for preventing excited light bleed-through into RGB, and correcting visible light and IR light focus misalignment and visible light and IR light levels without a complex structure. [Solution] This image capture device 10 comprises: a light irradiation unit 12 for irradiating a subject, including a fluorescent substance, with excitation light and illumination light; a four-color separation means 16 for separating light incident on a lens 14 into R, G, B, and IR; image sensors 18 for photoelectrically converting each light spectrum; a video signal output unit 20 for generating video signals from electrical signals produced through the photoelectric conversion; a video display means 22 for displaying a video based on the video signals; a band-pass filter 24 for preventing passage in a wavelength band in the vicinity of the excitation light; and a correction filter 26. The correction filter 26 comprises: a circular visible light cut-out region 30 for cutting out the visible light from the incident light; and a circular IR cut-out region 28 for cutting out the IR light from the incident light. A dummy glass 32 having a prescribed thickness is provided on the correction filter 26.

SAITO Takaaki (5-6-16, Ikegam, Ota-ku Tokyo 67, 〒1468567, JP)
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March 07, 2019
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July 11, 2018
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IKEGAMI TSUSHINKI CO., LTD. (5-6-16, Ikegami Ota-ku Tokyo, 67, 〒1468567, JP)
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A61B1/00; G02B23/24
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FUJII Kenichi (2nd Floor 130 Bldg., 2-1, Nihonbashi Kobunach, Chuo-ku Tokyo 24, 〒1030024, JP)
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